Thursday, November 26, 2009

For: ERC2nd

Just thought of this. This is for my dear high school classmates. I'm so proud of you guys. Today is Thanksgiving. Besides my family, you're the ones along with those wonderful memories in our high school years that have been supporting me till now. I can't deny any of those and I'm recording this down here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Also for my dear friends and teachers here in Provo, I really appreciate your kindness and support so that I can keep smiling through these awesome days. And I want you to know..."You're awesome! !"

"我笑故我在。" -------獻給永遠的ERC2nd.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some recent sketch and faces

There's a couple of sketches from our Primary Holloween activity. Kids in costumes are soooo cute~~~

Summer sketchhhhh

I should've sketched much more when I was in Chiayi...a lazybone like me can't really get what I want and that's the lesson I've learned in the past few months.

The bird was singing while the gradma was washing clothes, humming...I think :D

The "燒仙草" stand has been there forever. My friend said his dad loves this dessert since he(his dad) was a kid.

When I was sketching, it seemed this grandpa had finished cleaning around the complex where he lives as an "everyday duty for the public." He came to me and said, "I just cleaned the ground and now there're branches everywhere again...I really hope the government can send people to trim these trees...Oh, but that way people won't have a nice, cooler place to relax under the big sun during summer..." I laughed XD...
When he was talking I really wanted to talk too but! Since I was still sketching and he was talking in Taiwanese, it was really hard for me to talk in Taiwanese at that moment...(I'm not dumb grandpa! I promise I can totally understand you but my Taiwanese is really bad so...sorry...) ......I did try to talk to him though. He was fun~

Good Afternoon: a grandma was selling some vegies on the road.

Good Evening: Usually stands like this which sell clay oven rolls 燒餅 (I would say more like naan) and scallion pancake 蔥油餅 as breakfast in Taiwan...this stand is very different though, it opens from 5 pm!

On my way to Tainan... on the train.

Believe me, there was a Buddhist nun riding a scooter. The color of her clothes matched her scooter so well...

(↑The one under is my when I'm looking at this Grandma has too many wrinkles, she's putting too much cosmetic on her face like painting a wall, and she's getting ol.....#^%#!??? ("Medic!! Medic~~~!!! We just found a young lady lying on the ground and........"))

2009 Spring sketches

Some were from Salt Lake City. Rita invited me to go with her because she wanted to listened to her friend's farewell talk and she didn't want to be alone on that trip~~~(Ohhh please don't hit me XD) I really had a great time there and I know I need to record this down. Thanks.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photos taken in Taiwan during 2009Summer

This summer I went back to Taiwan. I really had a great time with my family and friends.
I planned to take lots of pictures but I failed = =

Especially...I really wanted to take some pictures at Chiayi Park in my hometown. It is a very pretty and nice and comfortable park with a great botanical garden for everyone. But it was really sad that when I remembered to take some pictures, the terrible typhoon had already passed Taiwan and the park was like......anyway, next time there'll be a post for this park I promise......

(The following pictures though...they're not some pictures supposed to introduce my home town....Just some random takes.)

This is Chiayi City, where I was born......

This is ChiaYi Senior High where I studied for 3 years.

Now we're in Tainan City, the oldest city in Taiwan. (these two taken at the area where the monument Chihkan Tower locates, but I didn't take any picture of the buiding itself hohoho...)

Still in Tainan City. I like this Anping Tree House a lot!
Really amazing...A group of banyan trees for hundred years...
Trees are actually sitting on the house haha~~