Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photos taken in Taiwan during 2009Summer

This summer I went back to Taiwan. I really had a great time with my family and friends.
I planned to take lots of pictures but I failed = =

Especially...I really wanted to take some pictures at Chiayi Park in my hometown. It is a very pretty and nice and comfortable park with a great botanical garden for everyone. But it was really sad that when I remembered to take some pictures, the terrible typhoon had already passed Taiwan and the park was like......anyway, next time there'll be a post for this park I promise......

(The following pictures though...they're not some pictures supposed to introduce my home town....Just some random takes.)

This is Chiayi City, where I was born......

This is ChiaYi Senior High where I studied for 3 years.

Now we're in Tainan City, the oldest city in Taiwan. (these two taken at the area where the monument Chihkan Tower locates, but I didn't take any picture of the buiding itself hohoho...)

Still in Tainan City. I like this Anping Tree House a lot!
Really amazing...A group of banyan trees for hundred years...
Trees are actually sitting on the house haha~~

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